Image for 142 Key Backlit Keycap Set - Mykonos (Tai-Hao)

142 Key Backlit Keycap Set - Mykonos (Tai-Hao)


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<p></p><p>Cherry MX Stem Compatible</p> <p>Cubic OEM Profile</p> <p>104 keys + 30 keys add-on keys + 8 ISO-UK keys</p> <div data-extension-version="1.0.4" id="ConnectiveDocSignExtentionInstalled">PBT Cubic Double Shot</div> <div data-extension-version="1.0.4"> </div> <div data-extension-version="1.0.4">Disclaimer: The actual product may vary in color from the renders, which are for illustrative purposes only. By purchasing this item, you acknowledge the possibility of variations between the renders and the final product.</div><p></p>