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<p>Whether you're studying at Miskatonic University or taking field notes on Eldritch abominations, the Cthulhu Keycaps by Outva will help you research our incomprehensibly horrific universe! The set features blood-dripping legends, Eldritch symbology, and lots of tentacles. Each set comes with a Cthulhu paper manuscript (soaked in gore for maximum authenticity). </p> <p>With a total of 158 keys, the set accomodates many keyboard sizes and layouts: ANSI, ISO, UK, full-size, 80%, 60%, 65%, 75%, 96% and more. Alternative space bars, novelties, and modifiers flesh out the kit, offering plenty of options for customization. Get yours in transparent (clear) or semi-transparent (black). both of which provide shine-through for RGB per-key backlighting. </p> <p>The keys are made of polycarbonate, a resistant yet lightweight plastic that's rated for millions of keystrokes. Paired with the classic sculpt of Cherry profile, this comfortable set is suitable for typing, gaming, or flinging mindlessly at the alien geometries that have made you incapable of speech.</p> <h2>specifications</h2> <ul> <li>Designed and produced by Outva</li> <li>Material: Polycarbonate</li> <li>Legends: Pad printing</li> <li>Profile: Cherry</li> <li>157 keys, supporting: </li> <ul> <li>ANSI, ISO UK: full size, 80%, 60%</li> <li>Regular 65, 75</li> <li>96, 980 </li> </ul> <li>WKL front teeth</li> <li>Split spaces</li> <li>Split backspace</li> <li>Physical ISO</li> </ul>