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DCS Delftware Numpad Kit


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<p></p><p>Perfectly placed porcelain</p> <p>Inspired by ceramic art famous in the Dutch city of Delft. The colours, novelties and sublegends are based on real hand-painted ceramic artwork, with over 25 unique sublegends designed to make your keyboard stand out.<br/>The beautiful, delicate sublegends give the set a more human feel, bringing more warmth and life to a classy set.<br/>Renders + fonts used are a representation of the final product but are not 100% accurate due to limitations. Renders are done with Cherry profile caps, with a similar but not identical font. Font during production will be Gorton as used for DCS RedAlert and DCS Yuri.</p> <p>Details<br/>Dye-sublimated PBT<br/>DCS Profile<br/>Designed by Zephyraeon</p> <p> </p><p></p>