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DSS Sencillo Spacebar [Pre-order]


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<p></p><p>Simplicity and ease</p> <p>Designed around the mantra of clean design and open compatibility DSS Sencillo has a focus on support for the 40s community.<br/>The new, graphic Trash Icons made by trashman are a nice pairing with the bright, open type used in Signature Plastic's legend moulds. Pastel accents let you add in your personality to really make your board feel your own.</p> <p>Details<br/>Doubleshot ABS<br/>DSS Profile<br/>Designed by Chamoy and Arq1999</p> <p>Timeline<br/>Group buy end 15 June<br/>Estimate Shipping - Q3/Q4 2021</p> <p>Checker Boards - US<br/>Rheset.MX - MX<br/>AlphaKeys - CA<br/>iLumKB - Asia<br/>MyKeyboard - EU<br/>Prototypist - UK<br/>Daily Clack - OCE</p> <p>GROUP BUY POLICY<br/>This item currently does not have an expected shipping date, however, this once an estimate production and shipping date can be determined this page will be updated.<br/>Sometimes things can and do go wrong, which can change this date.<br/>You are entitled to cancel and refund your preorder, which means you forfeit any preorder bonuses.<br/>By purchasing this item, you acknowledge that you understand and agree what is written above.<br/>We appreciate you sticking around to complete the buy as this will help us when ordering.</p><p></p>