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<p data-mce-fragment="1">These deskmats were originally paired with the keycap set <a href="" title="ePBT Acadia" target="_blank">ePBT Acadia</a>.<br></p> <p data-mce-fragment="1">Experience the crisp beauty of the American Northeast with ePBT Acadia! The beautiful Appalachian mountains and winding coastlines create a calming colorway combining land and sea. A golden brown accent compliments the brooding blues and greens, to give the set a prestigious, yet natural look. </p> <ul data-mce-fragment="1"> <li data-mce-fragment="1">Designed by itsvishnu<br> </li> <li data-mce-fragment="1">Produced by Kono</li> <li data-mce-fragment="1">Stitched edge</li> <li data-mce-fragment="1">900x400 mm</li> <li data-mce-fragment="1">3mm thick</li> <li data-mce-fragment="1">Non-slip Rubberized Bottom</li> <li>Long-lasting, fade resistant printing</li> <li>Performance gaming mousepad texture with high sensor accuracy</li> <li>Durable stitching</li> <li>Machine washable</li> </ul>