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ePBT Duo Macro & Petal Novelty


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<p></p><p><strong>Flash Sale! From €33,- to €28,- (BE VAT incl.)</strong></p> <p>All over Arabic</p> <p>By default this set comes with a full, creamy white, monocoloured base. The black legends are a natural fit with red, calligraphic Arabic sublegends providing that hit of colour to really reminds us why we like new takes on the greatest of all time combo - beige.</p> <p>If you're anything like me - and I think you might be - having the option to frame the alpha cluster with two-tone beige is a huge bonus with the Beige Mod Kit. The images in this listing are actually photos giving you a more realistic sneak peek at what is to come!</p> <p>Details<br/>Dye-Sublimation PBT<br/>Cherry Profile<br/>Designed by Sour</p> <p> </p> <div data-extension-version="1.0.4" id="ConnectiveDocSignExtentionInstalled"> </div><p></p>