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<p>Hello! I'm Plop, CEO and founder of Plop Laboratories.<br></p> <p>Here at Plop Labs, we strive to bring beautiful keycap sets straight to your Dorito powder-covered fingertips. We recently teamed up with a talented crew of kindergarten students to design the most blindingly colorful set yet. Introducing, ePBT Ping.</p> <p><img alt="" src=""></p> <h2>details</h2> <ul> <li>Designed by Plop</li> <li>Produced by ePBT</li> <li>PBT Cherry Profile</li> <li>Dye Sub Process</li> <li>Deskmats: stitched edge, 900x400 mm, 3mm thick</li> <li>THOK Novelty Caps: Cherry R1 profile, Aluminum with powder coat, resin infill</li> <li><a title="ePBT Ping Geekhack Thread" href="">Geekhack Thread</a></li> </ul> <p><img alt="" src="" style="float: left;"></p>