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ePBT Simple Baybayin Modern [Pre-order]


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<p></p><p>Group buy runs from October 20th - November 20th and is scheduled to ship in Q2 2022.<br/><br/><br/>MX Compatible – works with Cherry MX switches and MX-style switches.<br/>PBT Plastic / Dye Sublimation – Will not fade or shine over time.<br/>Cherry Profile <br/>Manufactured by ePBT.<br/>Designer: Nukz<br/> <br/>Global: KBDFans<br/>US: Vala Supply<br/>Canada: DeskHero<br/>SEA: Zion Studios<br/>UK: proto[Typist]<br/>Europe: Mykeyboard<br/>South America: Fancy Customs<br/>OCE: Switchkeys<br/><br/>Renders are shown to give a sense of what the final product will look like. The end product may differ slightly in color from the renders that you see. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that there may be differences between the renders and final products.<br/><br/>NOTE: This is a Group Buy, and Group Buy terms and conditions apply. The estimated date of delivery is just that - an estimate. Delays and setbacks may occur. Upon purchase, you will be charged immediately. And by purchasing this item, you acknowledge everything stated above.</p><p></p>