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<p></p><p><strong>Flash Sale! From €20,- to €15,- (BE VAT incl.)</strong></p> <p><strong>EPBT SIMPLEJA R2</strong><br/>ePBT SimpleJA is back - the much-requested vintage-styled keyset has returned, this time with improved key variety and compatibility.<br/><strong>THE PAST IN THE PRESENT</strong><br/>SimpleJA recreates the vintage "cross-positioned" legends of vintage Japanese keyboards with legends as faithful to historical examples as possible.<br/>Many hours of research were conducted to implement historically-existent legends; those that did not exist in the past were crafted anew to blend in with the rest.<br/><strong>ADAPTING FOR WHAT'S NEXT</strong><br/>ePBT SimpleJA's kitting has been revised significantly from R1 to R2 to improve compatibility with a wider variety of layouts.<br/>In addition to an optimized base kit which covers the typical, niche kits such as the ortho and JIS/ISO kits have been revamped to bring the retro aesthetic to the most unique of keyboards.<br/><strong>UPON THE BEST CANVAS</strong><br/>SimpleJA R2 implements EnjoyPBT's newest toolings for more than just warp-resistant spacebars.<br/>Scoop-only homing keys help to accurately reproduce the original vintage keysets, and short convex spacebars assist in delivering a physically and visually pleasing typing experience on unusual key layouts.  <br/><br/><strong>Specs</strong><br/>    PBT material<br/>    Cherry profile<br/>    Dye-sub<br/>    Compatible with Cherry MX switches and MX-style clones<br/>    Manufacturer: ePBT<br/>    Designer: ai03<br/><br/><br/></p><p></p>