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ePBT Warrior MK II Keycap Set R2 by ALOHAKB


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<p>Jump into the fray with the ePBT Warrior MK II Keycap set. From its rugged PBT keycaps to its dye-sub legends, this set is built to withstand the heat of battle. The color scheme, featuring hellfire red, electric white, smoke gray, blood red, and black, evokes a formidable mech warrior charging into combat.<br></p> <p>The core set is equipped with 135 keys that can be used on various keyboard layouts, including compact, ISO, ANSI, and UK. Increase your loadout by adding a numpad, novelties, extra space bars, or numerical keys with different configurations. The novelty set features a fictional military symbol system, complete with technical data on row placement and key size, giving you a tactical edge.</p> <p>These keycaps are mission-ready and built to withstand rigorous use. Constructed using ultra-strong PBT plastic, they're highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. The legends on the keys are created using dye sublimation, providing exceptional wear-resistance and ensuring they remain legible even after long term use. The set features the trusted and reliable Cherry profile, designed for maximum comfort during prolonged engagements. </p> <h2>details</h2> <ul> <li>Designed by BA54<br> </li> <li>Produced by ePBT</li> <li>Brand: ALOHAKB</li> <li>Material: PBT</li> <li>Profile: Cherry</li> <li>Production Method: Dye-sublimation</li> <li>Deskmat: 900x400mm, 4mm thick with stitched edges</li> </ul>