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<p><em>Note: This was a Group Buy that launched Dec 1st and closed Jan 14th. Please check the <a href="" title="Kono Store Weekly Production Status Update" target="_blank">Weekly Updates</a> page for current status of production. Pre-orders for extra stock live now!<br></em></p> <p><strong>Hibi Artisan in stock and shipping now! </strong>Place separately from other pre-order items in order to ship immediately.</p> <p>Return to nature with Camping R3! Earthy tones and fantastic novelties combine into this community favorite. Take in a breath of fresh air as you soak in the grassy greens and mountainous reds. Finish off your desktop hike with a view of the beautiful metal artisans from Salvun and Hibi!<br></p> <ul> <li>Designed by Kingnestea</li> <li>Doubleshot ABS Plastic</li> <li>Cherry Profile</li> <li>Produced by GMK</li> <li>Deskmats: stitched edge, 900x400 mm, 3mm thick</li> <li>Salvun Artisan - Copper or Brass material, Cherry Profile, MX Compatible<br> </li> <li>Hibi Enter - Brass material, PVD coated, 2.25u (Enter size), R3 (Enter row) Cherry Profile, MX Compatible</li> </ul>