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Gopolar Tai-Chi GG86 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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<p>Release the limits of your keyboard experience with the Gopolar Tai-Chi. This 86-key keyboard is endlessly customizable with a hot-swappable PCB, OLED display, and programmable RGB LEDs. Use QMK firmware to make macros, additional layers, and custom OLED displays.</p> <p>The polycarbonate case embraces minimalism with a screw-less, snap-in-place design. A mute silicon layer acts as a gasket, reducing noise and absorbing the force of keystrokes. The FR4 plate strikes a balance between aluminum and polycarbonate, offering a solid yet flexible typing experience. The keyboard's height can be adjusted with extendable back legs. </p> <p>The Tai-Chi G86 was designed in honor of an ancient artform that emphasizes balance, minimalism, and graceful movement. A combination of exercise, yoga, and breathing practices, Tai-Chi can be used in self-defense but is most often used as a technique to relieve stress.</p> <p><strong>Check out the paired <a href="" title="Gopolar Azure Dragon Switches" target="_blank">Gopolar Azure Dragon Switches</a>!</strong></p> <h2>included</h2> <p><strong>This kit does not include switches or keycaps. Check out the options in our <a href="">Switch Collection</a> and <a href="">Keycap Sets Collection</a> to complete your board!</strong></p> <ul> <li>1x PCB with OLED display</li> <li>1x mute silicone layer</li> <li>1x silicone dampener</li> <li>1x FR4 stock plate</li> <li>1x polycarbonate case</li> <li>1x USB-C cable</li> <li>4x 2u stabilizers</li> <li>1x 7u stabilizer</li> <li>Metal crowbar (case opening tool)<br> </li> <li>Embroidered wooden box</li> <li>Custom stabilizer and poron sponge</li> <li>Vacuum metalizing switch puller</li> <li>Silicone incisor module</li> <li>Martial arts secrets (manual)</li> </ul> <h2>details</h2> <ul> <li>Designed by Gopolar</li> <li>Width: 36.5cm</li> <li>Length: 13.8cm</li> <li>Front height: 2.1cm (without keycaps)</li> <li>Back height: 3.1cm (without keycaps)</li> <li>Angle: 4.5/5.5<span style="font-weight: 400;" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-style="font-weight: 400;">°</span> </li> <li>Weight: 810g</li> <li>Number of keys: 86 keys<br> </li> <li>Body Material: ABS plastic</li> <li>Plate: Immersion Gold FR-4 </li> <li>Backlight: South-facing RGB LED</li> <li>PCB: Hot-swappable (5 pin &amp; 3 pin) South-facing</li> <li>Stabilizers: Unlubed PCB-mounted screw-in stabilizer made by Gopolar</li> <li>Connectivity: Wired USB Type-C</li> <li>Software: QMK/VIA</li> <li>OLED Screen: Supports QMK programming </li> <li>Only supports 7u spacebar</li> <li>Compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin switches</li> </ul> <h2>keymap</h2> <h2> <img alt="" src="" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-src=""><br> </h2> <p> </p>