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Hako Clear Switches (10 ct.)


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<p><span>Hako Clear switches <strong>(white slider)</strong>, invented by <a href="" title="input club" target="_blank">Input Club</a>, embrace elements of Topre and Cherry MX Clear force curves to improve typing performance. Precision molds and tooling from Kaihua made the switches last 25% longer than regular MX variants during stress testing. In addition, the bespoke slider design virtually eliminates wobble.</span></p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"><button class="product-form--atc-button" style="margin: auto; width: 100%; background-color: #a858b3; border: 1px solid #a858b3;">View Switch Collection</button><span> </span></a></p> <p><span>Community enthusiasts Jacob Alexander (HaaTa) and Brandon Muzzin (Over^Kill) designed custom springs and sliders for the Hako line. Hako Clears use a medium-heavy spring and have a peak tactile point of (approximately) 63 grams. Tactility occurs early in the key press. A 20 gram post-tactile cushion, in the form of a resistance ramp, is designed to soften or resist bottom out.</span></p> <p><strong>You can view<span> </span><a href="" title="hako clear curve" target="_blank">their force curve</a><span> </span>in the<span> </span><a href="" title="comparative guide to switches" target="_blank">Comparative Guide to Switches</a>.</strong></p> <p><span>Box switches use a square slider design and sealed contacts that provide superior contaminant protection. If liquids or dust somehow penetrate a switch, lower housing vents and a slider drainage port eject the unwanted substances.</span></p> <h3><strong>details</strong></h3> <ul> <li><span>10 switches per pack</span></li> <li><span>Medium weight: 63 gram tactile point, 75 gram spring</span></li> <li><span>Moderate tactility</span></li> <li><span>Tooling designed and owned by Input Club</span></li> <li><span>Kaihua Box switch architecture</span></li> <li><span>Rated for 80 million keypresses</span></li> <li><span>Self-cleaning slider and housing design</span></li> <li><span>Hot-swap compatible (plate mount)</span></li> <li><span>Through-Hole and SMD LED Compatible</span></li> </ul>