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(In Stock) Promise87 Keyboard Kit

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<p><span><strong data-mce-fragment="1">IN STOCK - Ships within 3 working days, all sales final.</strong></span></p> <p><br>Customization was one of the focal points from the very beginning of this design. We’ve been thinking about ways to offer the next level of customization, not just customization through changing just the plate, switches, and keycaps. Our keyboards have always been highly customizable, and we hope we’ve pushed the options a little further with this new addition - The Promise87</p> <p><br>Wuque studio will keep stocking the gasket slips and also welcome other board designers to use our slips, we can provide specs you need and make sure that everyone will be able to replace different slips all the time.<br><br>We created a mould using our new foaming material to make an 2 in 1 dampener kit, it will make the overall dampening system more stable and helps to make typing sound better.</p> <h4><br></h4> <h4>Details<br> </h4> <ul> <li>Typing angle: 5 degrees.</li> <li>Front Height: ~18.69mm</li> <li>Plate: Flexcut polycarbonate.</li> <li>Case Material: 6063 grade Aluminium top and bottom cases, SS internal weight, aluminium external weight or SS external weight</li> <li>Mounting Method: Slip on gasket mount</li> <li>Full aluminium top case, alu external weight: 1.9 kg</li> <li>Aluminium top case, SS external weight version, unassembled: 3.2 kg</li> </ul> <ul> <ul></ul> </ul> <h4><br></h4> <h4>Included<br> </h4> <ul> <li>1x WKL or WK top case and bottom case (Aluminium)</li> <li>1x Mirror PVD Stainless Steel or Sandblasted Anodised Aluminium external weight</li> <li>1x P1 PCB for the WKL version or 1x P2 PCB for the WK version</li> <li>1x Ai03 unified daughter board</li> <li>1x Internal stainless steel weight</li> <li>1x PC plate</li> <li>1x Poron plate foam</li> <li>1x Poron switch foam</li> <li>1x Plate and switch integrated foam</li> <li>1x Poron PCB foam</li> <li>1x Gaskets slip pack (Including 3 colours: blue, white, red)</li> <li>Screws and rubber feet</li> </ul> <h4></h4> <h4> <br><br> </h4> <ul></ul> <div><br></div> <div><br></div> <div><b><strong data-mce-fragment="1">As this is an In Stock item p<span data-mce-fragment="1">lease do not add items from group buys to this order as it will delay your orders shipping till everything is available.</span></strong></b></div> <div></div>