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Kailh BOX Red Switch (10 ct.)


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<p><strong>BOX Red linear switches provide smooth, light weight key travel with numerous advantages from Kaihua's BOX switch architecture.</strong></p> <p><!-- button --> <a href="" target="_blank"><button class="product-form--atc-button" style="margin: auto; width: 100%; background-color: #a858b3; border: 1px solid #a858b3;">View Switch Collection</button> </a></p> Precision molds and tooling result in an increased lifespan — BOX switches last 25% longer than regular MX variants during stress testing. The square stems also virtually eliminate wobble. <p><span>The slider design and sealed contacts provide superior contaminant protection. If liquids or dust somehow penetrate a switch, lower housing vents and a slider drainage port eject the unwanted substances.</span></p> <h3><strong>details</strong></h3> <ul> <li><span>10 switches per pack</span></li> <li><span>Light weight: 55 gram spring</span></li> <li><span>Linear — no tactile bump</span></li> <li><span>Kailh BOX switch architecture</span></li> <li><span>Rated for 80 million keypresses</span></li> <li><span>Self-cleaning slider and housing design</span></li> <li><span>Hot-swap compatible (plate mount)</span></li> <li><span>SMD LED Compatible</span></li> </ul> <div> <a href="" title="Kaihua Red PG151101D171" style="display: block; text-align: center;" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Kaihua Red PG151101D171" style="max-width: 100%; width: 600px;" width="600" onerror="this.onerror=null;this.src='';"></a> <script data-plotly="haata:159" src="" async=""></script> </div>