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<p></p><p>Inspired by an Explosive Magician, Rensuya brings us KAT Explosion!<br/><br/>Rensuya is back yet again, with a new explosive keycap set! Inspired by a mage character who deals with fire and explosions, we're happy to bring you KAT Explosion.  We're also happy to feature two RAMA Caps for this KAT set!<br/><br/>There are two matching deskmats as well, for this set! Don't forget to grab one to pair with your set!<br/><br/>You will need an alpha kit and mod kit to cover a board - be sure you grab both! For a fullsize or 1800CP board, you will also need the numpad kit.</p> <p> </p> <div data-extension-version="1.0.4" id="ConnectiveDocSignExtentionInstalled"> </div> <div data-extension-version="1.0.4" id="ConnectiveDocSignExtentionInstalled"> </div><p></p>