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<p>Transform your workspace from the mundane into the otherworldly. This fully custom-designed keycap set evokes mysterious cults, forgotten languages, the lunar cycle, and all the dark entities who inhabit the forest depths. The fundamentals begin for all intrepid alchemists with transmutation.<br></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">The core set includes alchemical alphas, lunar function keys, cyclical numerals, and much more. The unique alphas of the core set use arcane symbols derived from paganism, alchemy, astrology, and a few of the artist’s own creation. Expand your set with standard Latin alphas and modifiers to allow everyday mortals to type without needing to decipher your ancient runes.</span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Made with PBT plastic, these durable and textured keycaps won’t absorb the oils from your fingertips and become shiny over time. They’re made with a classic Cherry Profile, a favorite of typists and gamers alike for its comfort and ease of use. The light-on-dark color scheme is made possible by a precise reverse dye sublimation process. </span></p> <h3>Deskmats found <a href="">here</a> </h3> <ul> <li>Designed by Jake Myler</li> <li>Manufactured by Kono as part of the Kono Designer Series (KDS)</li> <li>PBT plastic – high durability and shine resistance</li> <li><span>Cherry profile Keycaps</span></li> <li><span>Compatible with Cherry MX switches</span></li> <li>Fade resistant dye-sublimated and reverse dye-sublimated legends</li> <li>Deskmats: stitched edge, 900x400 mm, 3mm thick</li> </ul>