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Keychron Q0 QMK Numpad

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<p>Keychron Q0 is another expansion upon the popular Q-series by adding in a number pad layout the the collection. With a full CNC aluminum body and tray-mounted design, this numpad is a great balance between affordability and quality.<br></p> <p><b>Keychron Q0 Numpad Features:</b></p> <ul> <li>Number Pad, Numpad Layout<br> </li> <li>QMK/VIA Support</li> <li>Tray Mount Design</li> <li>CNC Aluminum Body</li> <li>Screw-in Stabilizers</li> <li>Hot-Swappable</li> <li>South-Facing RGB LED</li> <li>Sound Absorbing Foam</li> <li>Available in:</li> <ul> <li>Carbon Black<br> </li> <li>Silver Grey</li> <li>Navy Blue</li> </ul> </ul> <p>Note: Silver Grey may have slight color variations between different Q-series boards.</p> <p><strong>Includes:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Keychron Q0 Numpad Kit</li> <ul> <li>1 Aluminum Case</li> <li>1 Hotswap PCB</li> <li>1 Steel Plate</li> <li>1 Sound Absorbing Foam</li> <li>1 Case Foam (Preinstalled)</li> <li>3 Sets 2U Screw-In Stabilizers</li> </ul> <li>Cable</li> <ul> <li>Type-C to Type-C Cable</li> <li>Type-A to Type-C Adapter</li> </ul> </ul>