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<p><strong>Mode Keycaps</strong></p> <br> <p><span>Mode keycaps provide the perfect finishing touch to your dream keyboard </span><span>— whether it’s your first build or your endgame. These keycaps are the result of many many months of hard work and fine tuning. Read more about them here.</span></p> <ul> <li><span>Cherry Profile</span></li> <li>New Double Shot Legends</li> <li>PBT/ABS Blend optimized around scratch and shine resistance</li> <li>The base kit has basic (or greater) support for each of the following layouts: Full-size (104/108 key), 1800, TKL, 75%, 65%, 60%, HHKB, Tsangan/WKL, Alice, 40s, GK64, Terminal ISO.</li> </ul> <br>