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NicePBT BoW Bakeneko Kit

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<h1 class="majortitle in-content h1-style">NicePBT BoW Bakeneko Kit Designed by CannonKeys</h1> <div class="subheading subheading--over lightly-spaced-row-above">Our NicePBT BoW keycap sets are a fantastic way to complete your<span> </span><a title="" href="">Bakeneko60</a><span> </span>or<span> </span><a title="" href="">Bakeneko65</a><span> </span>Build. The keyset is available in several accent colors, as well as a version with no accents. Available colors include Lavender, Blush, Black, Navy, Grey, and Blue!</div> <div class="rte lightly-spaced-row"></div>