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NicePBT Cyrillic Sublegend Classic Beige

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<h1 class="majortitle in-content h1-style">NicePBT Cyrillic Sublegend Classic Beige</h1> <div class="rte lightly-spaced-row"> <p><span class="metafield-multi_line_text_field">Our series of Classic Beige keycaps continues with the introduction of a new version utilizing revised text + icon mods and Cyrillic sublegends. This keyset comes in three varieties: Red Cyrillic, Green Cyrillic, and Black Cyrillic. Also included are a split spacebars, a second 'B' for all the Alice-style keyboards, and 4-key-40's support!<br><br>The kitting of the set is shown when the color you are looking at is selected above.</span></p> </div> <div id="gtx-trans" style="position: absolute; left: 191px; top: 396.5px;"> <div class="gtx-trans-icon"></div> </div>