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<h1><strong>NicePBT Pelô</strong></h1> <p><strong><em></em></strong>Designed in-house by our very own <strong>Ana</strong>, this set consists of <strong>Cherry Profile, Dye-sublimated </strong>keycaps.</p> <p>A big thank you to <strong>Vini Seabra</strong> and<strong> OneCreativeMind </strong>for help on this set!</p> <p><meta charset="utf-8"><span data-mce-fragment="1">This set draws inspiration from the Afro-Brazilian heritage-influenced Pelourinho (Pelô) area in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. The unique culture of Pelô is featured throughout the set with the grey alphas representing the cobblestone streets, while the colorful buildings inspire the mods. Also included are several novelties that bring everything to life!</span><br></p>