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<h1><span>NicePBT Shinbun</span></h1> <p>Designed by <strong>Hhdailo</strong>, this set consists of<span> </span><strong>Cherry Profile, dye-sub and reverse dye-sub</strong><span> </span>keycaps. <span data-mce-fragment="1">New to this round is more extensive kitting and revised legends!</span><br></p> <p><strong>NicePBT Shinbun</strong><span> </span><meta charset="utf-8"><span data-mce-fragment="1">combines a newspaper creamy white, red, and black with Hiragana sublegends for a shinbun (Japanese for newspaper) inspired theme</span><span data-mce-fragment="1">! <meta charset="utf-8">Also included are several novelty keycaps for your Esc Key, F-Row, Enter Key, and more! </span><meta charset="utf-8"><span data-mce-fragment="1">The kit even includes split spacebars, a second 'B' for all the Alice-style keyboards, and robust 40's/ortho support!</span></p> <div id="gtx-trans" style="position: absolute; left: 191px; top: 396.5px;" data-mce-style="position: absolute; left: 191px; top: 396.5px;"> <div class="gtx-trans-icon"></div> </div>