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QK75 Keyboard Kit

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<div class="content"><p>- Extras available on a separate page</p> <p>- 75% Keyboard kit</p> <p>- gasket mounted system</p> <p>- wireless option with Hotswap for ISO and ANSI layouts</p> <p>- Aluminium Cases with Spray Coating and Anodizing finish</p> <p>- PLEASE ONLY ADD ONE OF EACH PART PER KIT. A KIT HAS ONLY ONE BADGE OR ONE KNOB.</p> <p>- You have to order a Base Kit and choose the options to get a valid order. Frame parts and weights are only available in kits.</p> <p><strong>PLEASE READ INFORMATION BELOW BEFORE ORDERING</strong></p> <p><strong>NO BLACKFRIDAY COUPON WORKS ON THIS PRODUCT - THIS IS A PRE-ORDER</strong></p></div>