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<h1 style="text-align: center;" data-mce-style="text-align: center;">Stacked1800</h1> <h2 style="text-align: center;" data-mce-style="text-align: center;"> <meta charset="utf-8"> <span>An affordable entry point into the DIY keyboard hobby</span> </h2> <p>The <strong>Stacked1800</strong> is a continuation of our <strong>Stacked</strong> series — a line of budget oriented stacked acrylic keyboard kits from CannonKeys! This board is designed out of 3mm thick layered acrylic pieces, and has a very distinctive acrylic case sound. </p> <p>We have a <a href="">Build Guide</a> to help you put this kit together!</p> <ul></ul> <p><span data-mce-fragment="1"><strong>What's included</strong><br></span></p> <ul> <li>7 Layer Acrylic Keyboard Case</li> <li>4 Layers Acrylic Keyboard Feet</li> <li>Clear bottom layer</li> <li>Clear feet layers</li> <li>1.6mm FR4 plate</li> <li>M2x15 Brass Standoff x 8</li> <li>M2x6 Brass Standoff x 4</li> <li>M2x6 Stainless Hex Screw x 24</li> <li>Rekt1800 solderable PCB</li> </ul> <p><strong>Colors Available</strong></p> <ul> <li> <strong></strong>Black, Clear, Frosted, Blue, and White<br> </li> </ul> <ul></ul> <p><strong>Addons Available</strong></p> <ul> <li><a href="" title="Rekt1800 PCB">Extra Solderable PCB</a></li> </ul> <p>You will need a soldering iron, solder, and 1.5mm Hex Head Screwdriver to assemble this kit.</p> <meta charset="utf-8"> <p data-mce-fragment="1"><strong>You will also need to purchase</strong></p> <ul data-mce-fragment="1"> <li data-mce-fragment="1"><a href="" title="CannonKeys Switches Collection">Switches</a></li> <ul data-mce-fragment="1"> <li data-mce-fragment="1">Up to 104 switches</li> </ul> <li data-mce-fragment="1"><a href="" title="CannonKeys In-stock Keycaps Collection">Keycaps</a></li> <ul data-mce-fragment="1"> <li data-mce-fragment="1">Be sure to purchase a keycap set with a 1.75U Right Shift Key</li> </ul> <li data-mce-fragment="1"> <a href="" title="CannonKeys Accessories Collection">Stabilizers</a> - up to 5x2U and a 6.25U or 7U</li> <ul data-mce-fragment="1"> <li data-mce-fragment="1">Left Shift, Enter, numpad +, numpad enter and Backspace all need a 2U stabilizer</li> <li data-mce-fragment="1">The spacebar will need a 6.25U or 7U stabilizer depending on your selected layout</li> </ul> </ul> <ul></ul> <p><!-- Begin Accordion Snippet --></p> <style><!-- .so-tab { position: relative; width: 100%; overflow: hidden; margin: 25px 0; } .so-tab label { position: relative; display: block; padding: 0 25px 0 0; margin-bottom: 15px; line-height: normal; cursor: pointer; } .so-tab input { position: absolute; opacity: 0; z-index: -1; } .so-tab-content { max-height: 0; overflow: hidden; transition: max-height .35s; } /* :checked */ .so-tab input:checked ~ .so-tab-content { max-height: none; } /* Icon */ .so-tab label::after { position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; display: block; -webkit-transition: all .35s; -o-transition: all .35s; transition: all .35s; } .so-tab input[type=checkbox] + label::after { content: "+"; } .so-tab input[type=radio] + label::after { content: "\25BC"; } .so-tab input[type=checkbox]:checked + label::after { transform: rotate(315deg); } .so-tab input[type=radio]:checked + label::after { transform: rotateX(180deg); } --></style> <div class="so-accordion-wrapper"> <div class="so-tab" style="text-align: left;" data-mce-style="text-align: left;"> <input id="so-tab-625" type="checkbox" name="tabs"> <label for="so-tab-625"><strong><span style="font-size: 12.0pt;" data-mce-style="font-size: 12.0pt;">Universal plate layout</span></strong></label> <p class="so-tab-content"><img src="" alt="Stacked1800 Universal Plate Layout"></p> </div> <div class="so-tab" style="text-align: left;" data-mce-style="text-align: left;"> <input id="so-tab-pcb" type="checkbox" name="tabs"> <label for="so-tab-pcb"><strong><span style="font-size: 12.0pt;" data-mce-style="font-size: 12.0pt;">PCB support</span></strong></label> <p class="so-tab-content"><img src="" alt=""></p> </div> </div>