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Tai-Hao Rubber Backlit Keycaps-42keys Neon blue


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<p></p><p>Color:Neon Pink</p> <p>Layout: US Layout</p> <p>Material : Rubber </p> <p>42 Keys Total Keys :</p> <p>  ( A~Z, Four arrow keys , 1~0,~, running man novelty key)</p> <p>Profile : OEM Profile</p> <p>Compatible with Cherry MX Switch Types</p> <p>Included:  a plastic key puller </p> <p>Made in Taiwan</p> <p> </p> <p>Please Note: </p> <p>The durability of rubber materials is influenced by several environmental factors.</p> <p>It depends on how and in what way that  users rub the keycaps. </p> <p>Unlike normal ABS and PBT plastic keycaps, rubber keycaps need more care because of its material property.</p> <div data-extension-version="1.0.4" id="ConnectiveDocSignExtentionInstalled"> </div><p></p>