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<p>With top-end materials and clean monochrome colorway, the Tecsee PBT Classic Black Keycap Set is the tuxedo of the keycap world. This sophisticated set includes 167 keys, including a base kit, numpad, and non-standard spacebars. The Cherry Profile keycaps are subtly sculpted to aid with touch typing.</p> <p>These doubleshot PBT white on black legends are perfect for high contrast visibility and a professional style. Both the keycaps and legends are made of PBT, a textured and durable plastic that doesn't develop shine over time. Unlike painted legends that fade with heavy use, these doubleshot legends remain crisp and clear even through heavy daily wear.</p> <h3>details</h3> <ul> <li>PBT Material</li> <li>Cherry Profile</li> <li>Uniform white legend / black keycap colorway</li> <li>Doubleshot Legends</li> <li>167 keys</li> <li>Produced by Tecsee</li> </ul> <p><a title="Kono Store Keycap Buying Guide" href="" target="_blank" data-mce-href=""><img src="" alt="" data-mce-src=""></a></p>