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<p>Embark on a thrilling journey down digital highways and open roads with two captivating keyboard themes: TUT Vintage &amp; Computer Systems Keycaps. Reminisce about the golden days of cross-country adventures and classic computing with these sets that are designed to accommodate a wide range of keyboard sizes.<br></p> <p>Computer Theme: The Computer Systems theme features novelty keys showcasing iconic symbols like hourglasses, text file icons, computer glitches, and error messages. Immerse yourself in the joys of pre-millennial computing and bring a retro touch to your keyboard. </p> <p>Vintage Theme: The vivid color palette of the Vintage theme captures the essence of picturesque destinations, while the novelty keycaps depict classic road trip scenes, adding a touch of nostalgia. From the mountains to the beach and campsites, these keycaps celebrate the joy of exploring the great outdoors. </p> <p>Crafted with care and precision, the TUT Vintage &amp; Computer Systems Keycaps stay true to the adventure-seeker's uncompromising standards. The keycaps are made from high-quality PBT plastic for enhanced durability and a satisfying touch. Utilizing the popular Cherry profile, the keycaps provide an ergonomic and comfortable typing experience. The dye-sublimation process ensures vibrant, long-lasting colors and crisp legends, making these keycaps an exceptional addition to your mechanical keyboard collection.<br></p> <h2>details</h2> <ul> <li>Designed and Produced by TUT</li> <li>Material: PBT</li> <li>Profile: Cherry</li> <li>Production Method: Dye-sublimation</li> <li>Number of Keys: 136 keys</li> </ul> <p><br></p>